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co-founder, brand maven & event professional

Kristie Christensen

Kristie Christensen is a chronic entrepreneur. She started what she calls her creative chaos almost 20 years ago when she began absorbing life and using that experience to turn ideas into bodacious brands, funky fashion, devil-may-care designs and over-the-top events. Her career began in hotels, planning weddings, running sales & marketing and managing marketing for luxury hospitality brands while nabbing her marketing degree. So she knows a thing or twelve about creating and taking brands to market.

That career spent in luxury travel, hospitality and events awarded her the experience to do a lot of creative things when she launched Kristie Christensen Design Group in 2006. In almost 2 decades with Kristie Christensen Design Group, she designed and promoted wonderful brands, hosted vendor markets & shows, owned and managed boutiques, collaborated with amazing women in business and produced weddings and special events. She even owned her own wedding and event venue in Wills Point, TX.

When she and partner in creative crime, Misti Goodson, joined forces in January of 2024, they came together under a new brand called CEO MARKETING GROUP, which will continue to provide the same amazing experiences for lady brands, but with two creatives at the leadership table.

Her calling card is brandbuilding. She lives for it. She loves to create brands that her customers want to live and breathe in. Whether designing workspaces or homeplaces, building business brands or designing and producing purposeful events, her hallmark is being able to find your brand truth and tell that unique story. In 18 years, she has learned that the best brands create an immersive experience with their customers and keep it personal. Whether retail, service, food, coffee, finance, real estate or otherwise, Kristie encourages her brands to stay true to the magic that makes their brand different from their competitors and tell that story every day!

The magic of her business is that she gets to encourage and be inspired by wonderful women entrepreneurs on the daily, and that truly fills her bucket. Women are amazing at understanding the heart and soul of their business, and she loves helping them tell those stories. Being able to coach women-owned small businesses is her passion, and being able to turn that passion into a compelling consortium where women can help other women in business is what inspired CEO Society. The CEO Society mission is, quite simply, for women to help other women achieve their best business selves.

Among her favorite words is beaucoup, the French word for “much.” Nothing could better suit CEO Marketing Group and the muchness they produce on the daily than that word. It truly is something to marvel.

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brand maven, event pro & ceo society co-founder

Kristie Christensen

“I love working with likeminded women and helping them tell their stories.”