About Our Partners

branding maven, creator, event designer, collaborator

Kristie Christensen

Kristie Christensen started this creative chaos really more than 20 years ago when she began absorbing life and using that experience to turn ideas into bodacious brands, funky fashion, devil-may-care designs and over-the-top events. Her career began in hotels, planning weddings, running sales & marketing and managing marketing for luxury hospitality brands while nabbing her marketing degree. So she knows a thing or twelve about creating and taking brands to market.

When she’s not brandbuilding, she’s producing over-the-top, purpose-driven events. In fact, in 2020, she remodeled her Victorian Farmhouse in Wills Point into a beautiful wedding, event venue + Bed + Breakfast, where she designed and hosted events and special guests for 2 years until she sold the venue.

She and her partner in creative crime even run a beautiful gift boutique and event venue in Downtown Canton, TX.

All of the above has become the center of the ring with her and her fearless partner as the Ringmasters of this Out East, Down South Creative Circus.

Among her favorite words is beaucoup, the French word for “much.” Nothing could better suit CEO Marketing Group, The Local Gift Boutique & The Amazing Events they produce and all of that muchness than that word. You’ll see.

Come in and Meet Kristie

chef, creator, event designer, collaborator

Misti Goodson

Since she was a young child, fearless partner in creative crime, Misti Goodson’s grandmother played a pivotal role in modeling her into the amazing wife, mother and community-centered human she now is.

She remembers a lifetime spent at her grandmother’s gathering table; hearing stories, licking the spoon, gathering wisdom and taking copious mental notes about all the ingredients that her grandmother mixed to perfection.

When Misti joined forces with Kristie in 2024, she brought with her a full plate of experience from her time as chef of her own company, The Rustic Table, whose mission to bring families back to the table to share time together all while enjoying healthy-but-delicious meals continues to drive the newly combined business.

Misti, as she describes it, likes to “love on her friends and family by cooking for them.” And that…she does. But, she does it beyond the table. She works fearlessly alongside her partner, Kristie Christensen, to create one-of-a-kind experiences through food, wine, retail and fellowship.

Misti has created the perfect recipe for loving on her community by curating the best ingredients, stirring in her from-scratch philosophy and garnishing it all with a love for cooking that only a grandmother can instill in you.

Misti has also spent a lifetime producing events and catered dishes for family events, community gatherings and more, and all of that was tossed into the creative mixing bowl when she and Kristie joined forces.

Come in and Meet Misti

& when they’re together…the magic happens

When Kristie + Misti (yes, we know it’s cute) joined forces in January of 2024, it was just obvious that it was what was needed. They are the perfect pairing of creativity, entertainment, branding, hospitality, culinary excellence and a joy for bringing wonderful people together through food, fun and fellowship.

When you add to that their collective penchant for retail, design, collabbing and celebrating women in life and business, it’s the perfect recipe for what they like to call our “beaucoup” experience.

They get great joy from helping small businesses design their brands and create and tell their brand stories. Being a part of their journey and watching them grow is very fulfilling, and if they can play a small part in watching someone’s dream unfold, it’s what makes them happy.

Then, taking it to the next level, where they can sprinkle additional stardust by plugging these businesses in to other businesses to grow, makes this their dream job!

Their worlds collided in a way that could only have been divine, and they are certain to give that credit daily where it is due.

These are a Few of our Favorite Things…

02. Sweet & Eats at The Local

from bundt cakes to bon bons and all the yummies, our from scratch goodies are prepared with the best ingredients with a dash of glitter and glam by our own chef misti of the rustic table.

04. CEO Society

gathering of likeminded women of faith inspiration + education collabbing for the greater good

06. TINSEL – Christmas Market

we produce a wonderland of christmas magic at our vendor market in december.

01. Event Design/Catering

from weddings to hosted events to ceo society business networking, TINSEL CHRISTMAS MARKET AND MORE…we love a good soiree!

03. The Local Gift Boutique

from sequins to bath bombs to baby doll dresses, bows and champagne earrings, greeting cards and custom charcuteries…it’s so so MUCH! It’s beaucoup.

05. Business Branding

ceo marketing group is the stiletto of business branding. we bring your message to the people who need to hear it with all the bells + whistles at the highest level of skill.
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