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How to Market & Market to Women Owned Businesses

CEO Marketing Group gets to the heart of marketing. Sure, you sell a product or service, but it’s the story behind it that we live for. Yes, there are at least 4 salons in any one marketplace, and you can sometimes get BBQ on every corner, but no two stories of a business brand are the same, and it’s that story…that one-of-a-kind, no one else has it…story that we tell. We love working with women in business, because women make a lion’s share of the buying decisions, and we are experts at understanding how to get into the mind of women.

Let’s face it, we’re in the trenches with you. We get you. We get your brand. And, if we get those things…your customers will, as well. Marketing for women-owned businesses involves strategies that highlight their unique strengths, values, and contributions but with an added twist of getting to the heart and soul of the brand. We put together a quick checklist of values that you should consider when telling your brand story.

Highlighting the Soul of Your Brand; the heart of Your Story

Emphasizing the founder’s journey, values, and mission is critical. Understanding how they arrived at opening a salon, launching a restaurant, opening a boutique or starting an accounting firm is paramount to the brand story. Storytelling resonates deeply with consumers and can create emotional connections, fostering loyalty and support. It’s that emotional connection that creates brands with staying power. We like to say that you want your customers to want to live and breathe in your brand.

Authenticity and Transparency

Women-owned businesses often prioritize authenticity and transparency. Women, by nature, are more open communicators than men. It’s just the truth. It’s easier for us to share our hearts or bear our souls in our brands than it can be for our masculine counterparts. Customers appreciate that open communication just as much. The best brands communicate openly about business practices, values and their impact on the community.

Targeted Messaging

Tailor marketing messages to resonate with women consumers who value supporting women-owned businesses. Focus on themes of empowerment, support for local communities, and ethical business practices.

Digital Presence

Oh, the digital ties that bind! Establish a strong online presence through a user-friendly website and active social media channels. Utilize platforms where your target audience spends time and engage with them through relevant content and interactions. Most businesses know this, but the key here is spending time WHERE your customers live. If you are opening an assisted living community, for example, you would likely NOT find your target customers (likely baby boomers seeking a respite for their aging parent(s) on TikTok.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Women like to run in groups. We like to know that there are other businesses owners that can relate to what we’re going through. We like to know that it is, indeed, possible to manage carpool, manage home finances and build a business dynasty all at the same time. Collaborate with other women-owned businesses or organizations that share similar values. Joint campaigns or partnerships can expand reach and credibility – not to mention economy of scale in advertising and marketing campaign spending.

Community Engagement

Engage actively with the local community through events, sponsorships, or partnerships with local organizations. Participation in community activities can enhance brand visibility and loyalty. Bottom line is your customers like to see that you represent more than a product or service. Women buyers especially like to see that heart in a business. Charity work is an amazing way to support your community and give back to those who have helped grow your business.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials on your social media pages, on Google and even through a live interview that you can embed in your web site, on YouTube or on your social media profiles. The power of a 3rd party endorsement can take you so much farther than just your promise of great service and exceptional products alone. Positive feedback from other women consumers can build trust and credibility.

Education and Thought Leadership

Position the business as a thought leader in its industry by sharing knowledge through blogs, webinars, or workshops. This demonstrates expertise and builds authority. We like to call this being a subject matter expert. You can even offer non-paid insight to help a customer out that could come back to you in spades for helping them in a pinch. Service on community or industry boards gives you access to collective mindshare and can help you network at the same time.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Business women…well…women…are maternal. We care about things like diversity within the workplace, in leadership roles and among employees. Emphasize inclusivity in marketing materials to appeal to a broad audience.

Networking and Support

Build networks within the community of women entrepreneurs. Networking can provide support, opportunities for collaboration, and shared resources.

By leveraging these strategies, women-owned businesses can effectively market themselves, connect with their target audience, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace while aligning with their values and goals. It is this combination of heart and business acumen that makes women in businesses thrive. Women-owned businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, and we absolutely love being in the trenches with them and helping them tell their brand stories!

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