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From one-on-ones to brand planning services

Let’s Talk about it!

Sometimes all we need is a little time to talk things through. We need a minute to commiserate with like-minded businesses so that we know we’re all in this together. Not every brand kicks off with all the graphic bells and whistles. Where to start can sometimes be the trickiest part. We can help with that. Questions like how do I start with a name? What business licenses will I need? How do I grab all my credentials on the Interwebnets and socials? It can all seem like Greek…and we can keep you from getting lost in translation.

We can sit down with you to talk pros + cons, to talk about all the business start-up flotsam, to affirm that you are not, indeed, crazy for wanting to do this, and to be your cheerleader the whole way to the finish line. It’s what we do. We’re here for you. Let’s talk it through.

We can work out a budget for coaching based on the size and scope of your business.

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