Member Interview with Misti Goodson, CEO Marketing Group Owner & Society Co-Founder

About Misti

A Stick of Butter & a Bowl full of Grace

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I have been a wife and a mother for 27 years. I am a human micromanager, a laundry service, a chef, a chauffeur a baker, a boo boo fixer a cleaner, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. For all of those years my life revolved around all of the things that I mentioned. I am at the stage in my life that is changing. Not in a bad way just new. My kids are growing up, they eat more but can get it themselves, do their own laundry (thank goodness), they are self sufficient as parents we all want that for our kids, to see them succeed and move on with their lives. Now what do I do with myself? I mean really it is such a lost and empty feeling. So, I figured I could either sit at home and cry because they are gone or…. I could be an example for my daughter and my son and show them what what true strength and girl power looks like. I have a chance to help other women in their journey and that feels amazing.

If I had to give just one person to list as the inspiration in my life (there are many) I would definitely lift my Nanna, Aletha Killian as that person. She taught me to hold my head high no matter the situation, walk with grace and kindness always, and when you get that chance to allow other’s to see God love through your eyes do it. You will never ever regret being kind to someone.

I truly wanted to have something for myself. I have never had anything for myself so it feels really great to be investing in myself. 

I wear many hats at any given day. I am constantly changing that hat and moving onto the next thing. It often feels like I am juggling about 10 balls in the air at a time. It can be frustrating, exhausting and even overwhelming at times. But….I feel very fortunate that I am surrounded by supportive people that love and support me.

Set your goals and don’t ever ever settle for anything less and Girl, stop apologizing. We all got you. Girl power is a thing

Set your goals and don’t ever ever settle for anything less and Girl, stop apologizing. We all got you. Girl power is a thing

Have all of your ducks in a row. Know your financing capabilities. HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN and stick with it 

I want to to help women tell their story. I love people and I feel like we all have a special story to inspire others and that is so important

I want to inspire other women to tell their story. Give them confidence to tell their story.

Absolutely. CEO Marketing Group and CEO Society. Not to be biased…wait…yes, I am. We are pretty cool.

Absolutely not. I will never regret raising my children and making that choice to raise them instead of spending most of their day raised by someone else. No one will love you kids they way that you do. No one will fulfill your children’s need like you do. No one will teach them about life the way that you do. The list goes on and on.

Currently, balancing my family responsibilities with my work responsibilities. I mean I wish there was some magical formula that would make shifting from a Stay at home mom to a driven career driven women. There just isn’t. I have had to learn to give myself a little grace and a little mercy. In the end everything will work out as it should it just takes a little time to get there. 

Meeting new people and hearing their stories then in turn help tell their story through our marketing. I love helping women succeed in their journey no matter what that may look like.

I am still working on that and do not  consider myself an expert at this point. But…I am a work in progress.

Take each day with a grain of salt. Don’t let the off days define you…and please…please be kind to yourself.

Making everyone in my life happy. I am a team pleaser but….. I am a pleaser so it is hard for me to just lay my head down at night when I know things are not balanced.

When I know I have successfully represented my clients and their story is plainly clear and they are happy with our representation. 

I would love to inspire other women to be their authentic self. I would love to be able to share their authentic stories with others. I would love to walk away with life long friendships and stories to carry with me in my journey.

All of the things.

Anything that has to do with mental awareness, women’s shelters, Hope Pregnancy Center and CAC of Canton