The CEO Marketing Group Story

this is our story

and we’re sticking to it…

1 Part Grit. 1 Part Grace.
1 Part Servant’s Heart.

A Marketing Agency. A Private Label Branding Shop. A Society of CEOs.

In any normal world, those would be 3 different things. Not here. Not at CEO Marketing Group. They all live together in perfect 3-part harmony.

What started as 2…well, let’s make it 4…separate collaborative businesses turned into a grit-meets-grace, marketing-centered, shared table Lifestyle Marketing Agency that celebrates all things creative. We applaud likeminded women seeking to grow personally and professionally. We help customers grow their brands by telling their unique stories and finding the people who need to hear them. And we bring all this together under one creative roof in our downtown Canton, Texas design studio.

We’re nothing if not movers and shakers, and we love celebrating women in business. This led us to the launch of our own women’s collaborative called CEO Society. Owners Kristie Christensen + Misti Goodson have created the perfect recipe for women helping women live their best lives both personally and professionally.

Let us Tell Your Brand Story

We Sprinkle that Creative Stardust

When Kristie + Misti (yes, we know it’s cute) joined forces in January of 2024, it was just obvious that it was what was needed. They are the perfect pairing of creativity, entertainment, branding, hospitality, culinary excellence and a joy for bringing wonderful people together through food, fun and fellowship.

When you add to that their collective penchant for design, collabbing and celebrating women in life and business, it’s the perfect recipe for what they like to call our “beaucoup” branding experience.

They get great joy from helping small businesses design their brands and create and tell their brand stories. Being a part of their journey and watching them grow is very fulfilling, and if they can play a small part in watching someone’s dream unfold, it’s what makes them happy.

Then, taking it to the next level, where they can sprinkle additional stardust by plugging these businesses in to other businesses to grow, makes this their dream job!

Their worlds collided in a way that could only have been divine, and they are certain to give that credit daily where it is due.

We’re the Perfect Fit

Let’s Build your Brand Together!

We absolutely adore what we do. We build brands but, more than that, we build friendships.
It’s the heart and soul of our brand marketing agency, and it’s the heart
and soul of who we are as humans.