Welcome to a Place of Inspiration & Collaboration.

We’re trailblazers. We’re dream makers. We’re Collaborators. We’re risk takers. We’re Motivators. We’re Grit ‘N Gracers. We’re cherry-on-toppers. We’re non-stop rockers. We’re glass half fullers, we’re personal domain rulers. We’re Straighten-Each-Others’ Crowners. We’re Nothing-Gets-us-Downers. We’re Slathered in Southern Charm. We’re Growing together Arm in Arm.
We’re hand-picked. We know our schtick.

We’re CEO Society.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”

There is a special sauce in the recipe of being a southern woman in business. It’s like Butter. It’s Dredged in Southern Values. It’s Deep Fried in Morality. It’s Slathered in Tradition and it’s Garnished with Grit & Grace.

CEO Society celebrates this notion by bringing likeminded women together who share these values and wish to work together to achieve personal and professional growth.

From shared table experiences and biz roundtables to charity golf tourneys, Christmas markets, collaborative events, business retreats and give-back galas, CEO Society curates a cadre of compassionate women to help each other grow in life and business while doing a little good in the process.

One Part Marketing
+ One Part Collaboration

We’re one part marketing & social media agency and one part collection of amazing likeminded women growing together in business! Founded by CEO Marketing Group, a marketing and branding agency bringing women-owned brands into the spotlight, CEO Society is our way of taking it one step further.

In building brands for the last almost 2 decades we learned that women need more than just business coaching, a logo, a messaging strategy and a marketing platform – they need each other!

So, we found a way to bridge that proverbial gap and turn our marketing agency into something bigger than us!

ceo society co-founders embody the spirit of the organization.

Super Chef meets Marketing Maven.

Kristie + Misti (yes, we call it our party trick) epitomize the spirit of CEO Society. Misti is a prolific chef and event designer, while Kristie spent a career in branding and events in the luxury hospitality, event and travel industries. Misti’s farm-to-table culinary company, The Rustic Table aspired to bring families back to the table together, while Kristie Christensen Design Group, Kristie’s branding agency since 2006, helped girly brands design and grow their businesses. After collaborating on several special events in their shoppe, THE LOCAL, in Downtown Canton, Texas, they joined forces in January of 2024, under the combined new name – CEO MARKETING GROUP. This perfect pairing of creativity, entertainment, branding, hospitality, culinary excellence and a joy for bringing wonderful people together through food, fun and fellowship will now toss all of their talents into one big mixing bowl to create branding, design, events and culinary experiences to unite women in business.

When you add to that their collective penchant for retail, design, collabbing and celebrating women in life and business, it’s the perfect recipe for what they like to call their “beaucoup” experience.

They get great joy from helping small businesses design their brands and create and tell their brand stories. Being a part of their journey and watching them grow is very fulfilling, and if they can play a small part in watching someone’s dream unfold, it’s what makes them happy.

Taking it to the next level, they founded CEO Society to sprinkle additional stardust by plugging these businesses in to other businesses to grow. That turned it into their collective dream job.

Their worlds collided in a way that could only have been divine, and they are certain to give that credit daily where it is due.

“nothing gives us more joy than watching women help other women succeed” Misti & Kristie

But, what do we do here?

02. CEO Society Podcast

from entertaining tips to recipes for growing your business with special guest experts

04. Member to Member Discounts

enjoy 10% off or more in some cases if you are a member doing business with other members

06. Branding + Coaching

get one-on-one time with experts and enjoy a huge discount on marketing services

01. Charity Events & Gatherings

from girly golf tournies for charity to roundtable gatherings for growth

03. Find Likeminded Businesses

search our member directory to work with women who wish to help you grow!

05. Collabs & Educational Events

collaborative networking + biz education events on a variety of on-trend women in biz topics